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The body is not a skin sack to carry around your brain but a living, breathing, sensing organism with acute sensitivity and insight about what is happening in the surrounding environment and inside. If we stop and listen we can learn a great deal and be guided and inspired.

This may seem a bit drastic and overstated but I think it is true. The pace of modern life and the vast amounts of information we are exposed to on a daily basis is so much more than our system is designed to handle, especially without respect and understanding for the needs of our body-mind-heart for rhythm, respite and discharge. We all expense a barrage of physical and emotional impacts everyday that play havoc with our system and rarely are taught how to manage this. But there is a way to work with it. It is deceptively simple although not always easy to incorporate. And when we truly honor what our system needs we are so much more able to manage what comes our way with grace and resilience.

I have had some amazing mentors and teachers who have taught me the valuable and challenging lessons of slowing down, listening, tending and attending to my environment, my inner world, my intuition and my deep knowing. I am still learning so much and learn more each time I support someone in listening to their own aliveness and allowing that to guide them. Each time I share simple and profound ways of showing up for ourselves and someone tells me they touched into a place of relaxation they haven’t felt in years or they’ve found a sense of empowerment they never knew they had, I reclaim some of my wisdom body too.

In many traditions there are words for the beings we are that incorporate the many facets of our experience of embodiment. When we truly understand that the body is inherently tied to the mind and the mind is a reflection of the heart and the heart is infused in everything then our attitudes toward everything shifts. Our body is a portal through which we can touch and connect to other aspects of ourselves. It is not a separate and inferior part of us but the sacred home for us to learn and sense and express through. WOW. When we respectfully and artfully attend to the body our psyche and heart come along for the ride and are grateful beyond measure. It is a necessary part of all deep healing. The same goes for the other parts… if we really honor the psyche and it’s signals, the body and heart will show their appreciation. And if we cultivate our heart’s capacity for great presence and love, the psyche and body will show up in much different ways. I have felt this and seen again and again.

So many people are living with chronic pain, not to mention chronic stress. The body is a beautiful and clear feedback loop and when we give our body space to move and sense it begins to share its story. When we give our body time to rest and express itself in it’s own unique way it starts to reclaim its vibrancy. And when shown tenderness and appreciation, our body soaks it in and shine it back out with a grounded and clear presence.

Each of us holds the world inside. We are a microcosm of the wild and vast macrocosm of the Universe. We have it all and need it all. When we gather the missing bits of ourselves back together we repair the world a piece at a time. When we are more present in our relationships (with all things…people, animals, nature, ourselves) then the world can be more present for all. Our work on ourselves is not a selfish act but a generous gift to the world. We become a beacon of possibility and light and love with each moment we choose to heal an old wound and act differently in the present, choose to have the larger view of the situation rather than the limited view of the past, and choose to really show up for each moment.

So much of the time we loose our sense of empowerment and agency in our life due to past insults and traumas that are lodged in our body-mind-heart without us even knowing it. We are too tired to do the things we love, too scared to speak our minds, too overwhelmed to say ‘no’. Healing is a sacred journey and requires a safe and sacred container. I am attentive to this and love creating space where people free safe enough to feel what scares them, to say the things that they didn’t know they knew, to recover their innate wisdom and take it out into the world. I was lucky enough to have this done for me over and over again. Each time I welcome someone into my office or into a movement space I am facilitating, I am aware of the wild potential for healing and transformation that can come if the space is held with integrity, honesty, and love. This is my passion.

Each one of us needs to be witnessed. We need our stories to be heard and respected. We need to learn to offer this deep act of love and presence to ourselves as we emerge from our frozen and tired places of fear and stress. We need to be able to speak loving and supportive words to ourselves the way a dear friend would; to hold our wild and subtle being with a loving gaze that allows our deepest self to awaken and be love.

It is cliche but true…life is too fast for us. We are not built for the high speed of constant movement and information. We are not machines but living, breathing organisms. We require down time as well as uptime. We need regulation and space to find this. We need to respect and love our biological rhythms that are slower than machines. How we pace ourselves, how we learn to meet our needs and how we regulate ourselves is an ongoing and responsive process to the knowing that we are human beings not human doings.

Zachariah N. Orchard


Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner

Certified Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) Provider

Trained Grief Tender (with Francis Weller & Colleagues)

C-IAYT certified Yoga Therapist

Certified E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher and Yoga Teacher Trainer

Continuum Inquiry Teacher

Intuitive Energy Healing Practitioner

Reiki Master

Bachelor of Liberal Arts

30 plus years of dedicated yoga and meditation practice

20 plus years of teaching yoga and meditation

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