sounds far fetched, I know, but it’s not really.

I imagine you feel anxious sometimes (maybe a lot of times).

And perhaps you find yourself reacting to a situation from a less than wise place in you but can’t seem to find a way to change that.

And maybe you wish there was a way to learn how to soften the edges around all the intensity that chronic stress induces in you.

And possibly, even likely, you have experienced some toxic (chronic stress) or had a traumatic experience in your life that has somehow colored and changed the way you see and feel everything else. And you suspect there is a way to emerge out of the haze but you don’t know how.

Although it may seem improbable, this work is deeply effective through online sessions as it is in person. Currently all sessions are offered online and are a great way to get needed nervous system support for this wild time.

Sessions are avaialble in person in Bend, Oregon or virtually around the globe.

Zachariah N. Orchard


20 minute Exploratory Session Free
60-minute Session $175

Sliding scale available. Please inquire about options. 

For SEP Certificate students: I am approved to offer Personal Sessions for SEP credit at the Beginning Level. 

How do I know all this?

Because this was me many years ago and still on occasion today. As a result, I am dedicated to supporting people in rediscovering their innate resiliency and capacity to meet life with full presence.

Would you like to learn some simple yet profound ways to settle your nervous system and have more access to ease and joy?

Would you like to integrate and heal some of the stress and trauma you have encountered throughout your life?

Would you like to rediscover your joy and ease and find more capacity to navigate life’s challenges?

Then let’s get started…

  • Discover the simple and profound ways you can settle your nervous system and have better access to your embodied wisdom.
  • Recover your innate resiliency and ability to mange and navigate life as it is.
  • Explore the power of your sensate body and its ability to bring you into the here and now.
  • Build the capacity to accompany your discomfort and pain in order to integrate and heal it.
  • Be accompanied on your journey of self re-discovery by someone who is deeply committed to her own and your healing journey.

Sessions can combine and and all of the wisdom of Somatic Experiencing®, Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), Yoga Therapy, Continuum Inquiry, and Intuitive Energy Healing. Each session is intuitively and thoughtfully created to meet your individual needs and goals.

“Put down the weight of your aloneness and ease into the conversation. The kettle is singing even as it pours you a drink, the cooking pots have left their arrogant aloofness and seen the good in you at last. All the birds and creatures of the world are unutterably themselves. Everything is waiting for you.”
~ David Whyte, from “Everything is Waiting for You”


My work with Rainey has been incredibly life-affirming. Rainey has a keen ability to hold space for deep processing and healing in a way that leaves me feeling empowered, respected, and safe. She has a gentle, powerful, and steady presence. Our work together has helped me to relate more deeply and authentically with my loved-ones, to gain confidence speaking boundaries and requests, and to re-engage with the language and wisdom of my body. Through our work I feel more equipped to flow with the cycles of my life, I feel more empowered to keep listening deeply to my truths, and I feel more attuned to my own sense of aliveness.
Environmental Educator

By the grace of serendipity, I stumbled upon Rainey in 2019 after doing a Google search for somatic experiencing therapists as a friend in Japan said it may help me when I was struggling immensely. When I read more about her, I felt like she could help me navigate one of the darkest times in my life even though she was thousands of miles away from where I live and we had to resort to Zoom sessions.  Rainey has been such an integral force in my life’s mission to heal up a broken head and a hurting heart, and as God as my witness, she has helped me more than I ever imagined. Her smarts, guidance, intuition, compassion, and kindness—especially the kindness—has made for one of the best healing balms I have ever known.  I am to this day still humbled at how much I have healed and “feel” like myself in my mind, body, and spirit


I began SE with Rainey last fall and have had life changing results. Our sessions in person were deeply impactful and I was surprised and delighted to discover our virtual sessions continued to deepen our work. I was dubious at first how the somatic piece would translate through Zoom, but Rainey’s ability to witness and offer cues, guides me into my body and now I’m even more aware of the boundary of my own energy.

With Rainey’s grounded presence and skills, I have built more capacity to respond to life without my nervous system being hijacked all the time. Rainey creates a clear and safe container that is both personal and professional, and I feel the integrity in how Rainey practices.


Rainey is a talented, trusted guide in the journey to coming home to ourselves, to our bodies. As a trauma survivor I have found that Somatic Experiencing has been the perfect complement to talk therapy. The seamless shift to online sessions via Zoom has allowed the healing to continue beautifully.


The wisdom Rainey brings to my life reaches deep, because it is fundamentally based in my relationship with myself. Her Somatic Experiencing work has been like a miracle to my soul, healing old, pre-verbal parts of me that I was unable to reach in other ways. What a relief. What a blessing.


I have had several private sessions with Rainey at different times in my life, times when I was content and wanted to dive deeper into my spiritual journey. Other times, when I was in a challenging situation and needed to ground myself. In each situation, Rainey taught me practices to connect to my surroundings and be more present.

Throughout the various aspects of this journey, Rainey has been a supportive, giving, creative and present teacher. She has been instrumental in my personal and spiritual growth. I am grateful and happy to have her in my life.


I walk into the session exhausted or irritated, and an hour later I walk out rested and refreshed. I don’t know how you do it. So it’s magical. Your voice, your skills, and most of all, I think, your love, are so healing. They bring me into a space of relaxation where I can let my nervous system truly rest.



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