Sacred Thread Update: January New Moon 2019 Edition

Hello Wild Beings of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul-

Blessings on this, the first New Moon of the year.
May the ever cycling process of waxing and waning become your guide. 

We are rhythmic beings. We beat and wave and pulse and throb…we undulate, flow and splash. All this movement is the root of our aliveness.Our rhythm is deeply entwined with the rhythm of the planet we live on. Our body resonates with the deeper rhythms of the earth and her water, fire and air. We are the dance of the elements. Our watery beginnings in the womb start the conversation of rhythm that is life long. The moon not only pulls on the ocean creating planetary tides but also pulls on our watery body giving us tidal movement as well. The heat and light of summer calls forth a particular energy and motion just as the cold and dark of winter calls forth a different pace and movement.

We are organismic beings. We have seasons and tides and ways that we are pulled out into the world and ways we are called inwards to our center that are not based on rational thought. No living being can sustain itself at a constant rate without the need for shifting, settling, and reorienting. 

This inherent wisdom of our body and being can easily be lost in the constant glow of electric lights, the incessant buzz of devices and internet connection, and pressure to go, go, go without pause. We can get lost in the larger assumed and expected rhythm of the culture…certain dates of the calendar (which is not particulalry synced with the seasons), certain times for work and play, etc. We can forget ourselves and the natural rhythm of rise and fall, movement and stillness, pose and repose. But its presence doesn’t go away (because it is who and how we are!). We can learn to tend to ourselves and the planet through simple and profound practices of noticing the unfolding patterns within and around us. 

Many ancient cultures relied on their connection and understanding of the natural world around them to inform and respect their own rhythms. Even though we live in a modern social construct that is more rational and linear we can still find ways to honor our internal clocks and rhythms. In fact, I believe that this is critical for us and the planet at this time. 

Start by simply pausing and noticing if you feel in sync with yourself. Really inquire and be open to the answer.  If so, great, if not, how might you shift the way you are currently doing whatever you are engaged with? What element might support a more authentic rhythm in the moment.

Put a hand on your heart and ask yourself, What do I need right now?…drop down and answer this from your wisdom place not your rational brain.

It doesn’t mean we have to stop our day  to day endeavors but it can mean we make some choices about how we do what we do. Check out some other ideas below in the Practice Prompts section. 

My wish is that every offering I make whether it be a private session, a group class, a ritual, a conversation with a friend, this newsletter is a space for others and myself to find our innate wisdom of rhythm in the moment. I personally make choices to notice, become familiar with and acknowledge the planetary rhythms in order to more deeply consider my own. I happen to love following the moon and the tides. And you, what do you know from the wisdom of your own tides and pulses? I would love to hear your wisdom. 

Practice Prompts:

  • What planetary rhythms intrigue you? The moon phases, the tides, the plants that bloom at different seasons, different landscapes and their particular expression, the dance of the stars and planets, etc. Take some time to learn more about these aspects of your larger nature and inquire into how they might inform and support your own rhythmic expression.
  • Consider your ancestry and be curious about the ways your people way back honored the inherent rhythm of land and sea and body and breath. Perhaps some of these ways of being will call to you and can inform your life and movement.
  • Let dancing, singing, and unfettered play deeper into the fabric of your life… find time for the beat of a dance tune, the melody of cherished song, the cadence of a poem to find their way into your being and resonate there.
  • Come in for a Resiliency Session to explore and recover your own inherent rhythms and learn practices to tend and honor yourself.

Inspirational Wisdom:

“A lifetime may not be long enough to attune ourselves fully to the harmony of the universe. But just to become aware that we can resonate with it — that alone can be like waking up from a dream.”

~ Br. David Steindl-Rast


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