Sacred Thread Update: October Edition

Hello Dear Ones-

October is my birthday month. I turn 49 in a few days and enter into my 50th year. This feels significant, potent and powerful. The past decade, not to mention the past year, has been challenging on many fronts and I feel a big birthing taking place. I have a sense how I may emerge from this time and yet it will be fresh and new as well. This process is taking a great deal of my energy and as a result I don’t have a lot of extra…time, energy, words, etc.  I look forward to sharing my newness with you as it emerges.

So, in honor of this time I offer you this poem by Victoria Miller…


Seeds under the ground on a mid-winter’s night 

sleep with their dreams of Spring.

They are dancing, tunneling, settling in,

finding just the right place to begin 

their sprouting. But first, they must rest,

gather to themselves the vision 

of what they will be.

Is it faith—this survival spirit, this

willingness to abide, to seek darkness,

even revel in it, to be willingly 

unnoticed for long months of the year?

I want to believe in my own renewing,

let body and spirit rest, refuse to exhaust myself 

in someone else’s expectations, grow old 

before my time, cast off, disposed of.

I want to be recycled endlessly, and flower again 

and yet again unexpectedly, bloom into 

a surprising color for an old woman, ripe 

with wrinkled youth and vigorous beauty, 

with twinkling eyes in deep sockets, 

making them wonder

just how I do it.

Zachariah N. Orchard

Practice Prompts:

  • Practice giving yourself space…in your schedule, between your car and others, in your practices. Cultivate and honor the pauses that naturally arise between activities, words and thoughts. See if you can gently and consciously draw them out a little bit and see how that impacts the rhythm of your day.
  • Read a poem out aloud each morning at the breakfast table to whomever is gathered there and let it be the blessing you offer to the food and the day.
  • Offer yourself the gift of resiliency and ease by booking a Resiliency Session with me.

Inspirational Wisdom:

A ball of yarn always feels like it’s being destroyed when it’s unraveling, but that’s because it doesn’t see the larger tapestry it’s being woven into; and often our biggest growth is on the other side of coming undone.

~ Ben Fullerton


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