embodying presence;
a continuum inquiry & Soul motion Playshop

In-person and co-facilitated with Lynne Herbert

Continuum Yoga Studio, 155 SW Century Drive in Bend, OR

This playshop is an opportunity to explore your body as an ongoing experience of perception and presence. Through these practices of invitational movement and deep perceiving you will be supported in showing up more and more in an embodied way in your life. 
You are welcome to attend a single day, or dive into the entire series to give your body all the attention and expression it, perhaps, has been longing for.  
Each day will start with Continuum Inquiry, lead by Rainey.  If you haven't experienced this before, it is a direct experience inquiry into our unique movement expression and tissue orchestration. We use sound, breath and subtle movement to enliven the fluid intelligence of our body. The practice helps us to be responsive and adaptable in movement and thought; experiencing a greater flow of energy, increased tissue adaptability and generating multi-dimensional movement dynamics.
Rainey will take some time to discuss our theme, followed by ample time for self-regulated movement exploration with music, and closing with a short and sweet sensation/experience naming circle. This time for slow inner somatic exploration is deeply nourishing for our tissues, our soul and the world. 
After a break, Lynne will be staying with the theme and inviting a bigger expression through movement, dance, and a continued emphasis on embodied exploration.  You'll be invited to expand your awareness to include emotion, others, spirit, and symbol, evoking imagery and connection to these theme on levels beyond physical.  Lynne will also be guiding and facilitating with music and some embodied invitations, helping you to move with how this theme may move within you.  Once again, you'll be tuning into the longings of your body as it finds it's own unique expression.  
There may be some work with partners or triads, some time for journaling and reflection, and there will be some time to integrate your learning somatically.
No experience is required,  this practice is appropriate for all abilities and body types.  Just bring your curiosity and a willingness to try something new.


Tending Our Roots; Hips, Legs and Feet Expression
exploring the way our lower body connects us to the earth and supports our upper body

Tending Our Trunk; Spine and Tail Play
playing with the possibilities and power of articulation through the spine and having a tail

Tending Our Branches; Arms, Hands and Face Dance
exploring how our upper limbs are an expression of our heart to the world and a way of receiving it as well  


Rebalancing Rate
For those with more than enough financial resources and a desire to support access for others to help rebalance systemic inequity.
$360/series or $125/event

Fair Rate
For those with sufficient financial resources and who can pay fair value for the experience.
$290/series or $100/event

Supported Rate
For those with currently limited financial resources who will benefit from access supplemented by the community.
$240/series or $85/event

Registration button will take you to Lynne's website to register and pay. 


* Musings on living with a body
* Simple practices for enlivening your being
* Upcoming events

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