Saturday, January 1
10am - 12pm PT
Live Streaming via Zoom
Registration through Seattle Yoga Arts

Just as the acorn holds the entirety of the oak tree within it, we hold within ourselves a full and unique human being. For the tree to reach its optimal expression it needs the ideal combination of soil, water, light and attention. We are the same and the awareness practices of yoga movement, breath and meditation are a beautiful way to nourish our body-mind-heart. With the dawning of a new year we have the cyclical gift of renewal. This fresh start is a beautiful time to rediscover what supports and connects us, so we can fully express and embody our most authentic self, moment to moment, breath to breath.

Continuum Inquiry Playshop

Second Monday of every month
5:30-7:30pm PT
Live Streaming via Zoom
$20-$40 sliding scale

What is Continuum? 

Continuum is a direct experience inquiry into our unique movement expression and tissue orchestration. We use sound, breath and subtle movement to enliven the fluid intelligence of our body. The practice helps us to be responsive and adaptable in movement and thought; experiencing a greater flow of energy, increased tissue adaptability and generating multi-dimensional movement dynamics.

What will we do? 
We will take some time to discuss our motif for the evening, followed by ample time (an hour-ish) for self-regulated movement exploration with music, and closing with a short and sweet sensation/experience naming circle. This time for slow inner somatic exploration is deeply nourishing for our tissues, our soul and the world. This practice is appropriate for all abilities and body types.


Dec 12, 2021
2022 dates...Jan 23, Feb 13, Mar 20, Apr 17
Sundays, 5:30-7pm PT
Live Streaming via Zoom
Registration through Two Dog Yoga Studio
$19 drop-in, punch card or unlimited card

The practice of Yoga Nidra is an ancient and sacred way of cultivating deep relaxation and healing for our nervous system. It is designed to melt tension on all levels and help us access our most creative and authentic self by removing our habitual stress patterns. Regular sleep doesn’t resolve all our tension but by actively participating in the process of Yoga Nidra relaxation can settle into all layers of your being. The Process is simple…you lie down for 20-30 minutes and allow yourself to be guided through a systematic relaxation process. Yoga Nidra has been used to manage stress, insomnia, anxiety and many other issues.


* Musings on living with a body
* Simple practices for enlivening your being
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