Sacred Thread Update: April New Moon 2019

Hello Wild Beings of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul-

Sometimes I sit down to write this newsletter and the words and ideas come pouring forth. Sometimes I sit here blank, tired and completely at a loss for words or inspiration. Today is a day of lack of words, ideas, interest… yet I have a commitment to connecting with you through this email each new moon. I know that I could skip a month and all would not be lost yet it feels important to fulfill my commitment to myself and to you. Not to mention that I wish to remind you of the different offerings I am making in hopes that you will join me for some. Sometimes it just feels like the resonance between me and the world is lacking. 

This conversation between my personal energy and rhythm and the demands and rhythms of the world I occupy is not unique to me. I imagine you, too, have days where you seem out of sync with what is required of you and days in which all seems to flow with such grace and clarity. So how do we navigate our days, whether of ease or dissonance? How do we find the delicate balance of honoring our internal compass even as we strive to fulfill our roles in the world? Where and how do we find resonance?

I am living into the understanding that for me to really show up as my most authentic and true self with my current offerings, I must honor my deeper rhythms first and foremost. A simple example….today I woke up feeling tired and not overly thrilled about writing but also knew that I wanted this newsletter to go out on time. I sat down to write after my morning routine and was still cranky and uninspired and tried to just push through it. Then I surrendered…I took a late morning nap, puttered around the house and ate lunch even with the voice in my head quietly reminding me of all that needed to get done.  As a result, I came back to my desk with a renewed capacity for this project and my other work even without tons of energy. And I also gave my self permission to send this newsletter out late. So here I am writing about this process and allowing for the shifting energies to have their way…you may or may not receive this missive on the new moon! And that’s okay.

The ongoing inquiry is to explore how we honor our own personal needs and rhythms as well as tending to the requirements of our external life. A key tenet I have discovered is to tend to my inner life daily. No Matter What. To visit my inner space and listen deeply before turning my awareness out. To cultivate practices of deep quiet, listening, and respect for how life ebbs and flows through me on any given day. So that I can better ride the waves of the world around me. In this way, I seem to find more resonance with life.

How about you… how do you navigate this conversation? How do you find more resonance between your insides and outsides? 

Practice Prompts:

  • Come in for a Resiliency Session. Together we can explore your personal rhythms and help you find more resilience and capacity for the wild ride of life.
  • Book end your day with a minimum of 5 minutes, more if and when you can, to sit and/or move in silence. Take the opportunity to tend your rhythms and and honor them before turning out into the world and after you return from the world. Begin to notice when and where you sync up and when and where there is dissonance between you and the world. Be curious about the choices you could make for more resonance.
  • When you are not sure which message to listen to, what direction to move towards in the moment, pause, just one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart and LISTEN. See if you can let the neurons of your belly brain and your heart brain guide you towards a self-respecting and resonant choice for the moment.
  • Dance on a regular basis…listening to how your body needs to move or not move.

Inspirational Wisdom:

“A lifetime may not be long enough to attune ourselves fully to the harmony of the universe. But just to become aware that we can resonate with it — that alone can be like waking up from a dream.”

~ Br. David Steindl-Rast


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