Sacred Thread Update: February New Moon 2019

Hello Wild Beings of Body, Mind, Heart and Soul-

Yoga is the practice of relationship, as is life. We are in relationship to everything all the time. Pause for a moment and consider this…right now you are relating to the words you are reading, the chair you’re sitting on, the air you’re breathing and the tree outside your window. You (and I) are even relating to all the planets and the stars. There is a constant conversation happening through you of the world finding and witnessing itself into being. 

To be in conscious relationship is to relate, connect, impact and be impacted by another. It is the powerful process of allowing ourselves to acknowledge the influence our words, actions and thoughts have on the people and world around us and vise versa…to enable the world to truly touch us. It is a vulnerable place of strength and presence.

The key to any deepening and lasting relationship is conscious presence; the willingness to actually show up for the good and the challenging in ourselves and in the other. This is the practice of not shying away from the difficult and of honoring the beauty at the same time. This is moment to moment listening as well as offering.

The conduit for all this relating is our body. Our body, whatever its configuration, is the vehicle of presence we have to commute with other, all other. So tuning into the wisdom of your body is a key component of showing up in the world. Yes, attuning to your microcosm of tissue and consciousness is the beginning of attending to the world with presence and curiosity and compassion. 

Our senses are the portals to this wild and potent dance between our insides and the world outside of us. Enlivening and tending these portals is a way to encourage the back and forth of wisdom and presence. Our culture tends to move so quickly and focus so much on the mind that these wisdom pathways are ignored. But they are always there, quietly waiting for us to enter into the moment, into the conversation. This is why I offer yoga, Continuum, Somatic Experiencing®, and energy healing sessions and classes; to assist you in cultivating and deepening into your own wisdom pathways and being in conscious conversation with yourself and other.

May each of us cultivate and deepen into the conversation that is our embodiment.
May we utilize the wisdom found here and now to listen the world into being. 

Practice Prompts:

  • Book a Resiliency Session to access the wisdom pathways of your body and learn practices to tend and honor yourself.
  • For the next week commit to noticing the contract your body makes with the earth and the world around you three times during each day. Feel into the relationship of your body with the planetary earth body and the aliveness of all the beings and things around you.
  • Begin to notice the sensations in your body that relate to your emotions; both the easy ones and the difficult ones.  Every emotion has a corresponding physical sensation. Get to know this realm of your internal  experience. As you deepen this understanding the sensations can inform and guide you in ways your mind can’t.
  • Take some time to contemplate the point of conversation that is YOU. The way the world arrives into you and the way you touch the world. How might you deepen this conversation and bring more presence to it?

Inspirational Wisdom:

“A lifetime may not be long enough to attune ourselves fully to the harmony of the universe. But just to become aware that we can resonate with it — that alone can be like waking up from a dream.”

~ Br. David Steindl-Rast


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