Yes, I teach yoga

I am tired. Tired of constantly defining what I offer as a yoga teacher in negative terms. Yes, I am a yoga teacher, no, I don’t teach hot yoga, fast yoga, or yoga for your butt. Yoga is now a common term in our language and as such has certain associations that come with it.…

Our Sense-able Body

In my last post I said that I would rather show up in my body, with all it’s challenges, to heal and be present than dissociate. This is an ongoing learning and as I become more comfortable being in my body I am discovering my sensible self. This is not the pragmatic and rational part…

Authentically Inhabiting This Body

So I am embarking on a journal of sorts, as that is really what a blog is; a place to share thoughts and insights, a place to ponder and transmit. I find myself a little reticent to put myself out there, into the ether of the internet, and yet it seems like a good way…


* Musings on living with a body
* Simple practices for enlivening your being
* Upcoming events

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